Age: 21 Years Old

Hobbies: Reading, Walking, and Shopping

I was 13 years old when I entered Foster Care due to behavioral problems at home with my grandmother. I was moved around a lot until I was around 16. I finished high school and them moved into my own apartment.

I attend community college, have a couple more semesters until I transfer to the University to complete my major in Sociology.

My fairy tale ending is to finish school, become a social worker. I want to be self sufficient and have everything I need to be able to fully give back to my community in a positive way.



Age: 20 Years Old

Hobbies: Sports, Music, Drawing and Fight Professionally

I was 12 when I was first placed into foster care. Moved over 30 times in my life, from family, to family friends, parents when they got out of prison.


Age: 18 Years Old

Hobbies: I love to paint, read and help animals.

I have lived with my grandparents/guardians for as long as I can remember.

I am a high school graduate who will be attending college.

My fairy tale ending would be to become a veterinarian and help animals.


Age: 20 Years Old

Hobbies: I like to work on cars and I love to ride bikes.

I was 5 years old when I was put in Foster Care.

I am working 40 hours a week, planning and preparing to go back to school to get my degree in Sociology.

My fairytale ending would be to have a place of my own and my dream car. When I am done with my degree, my dream is to work at Aspiranet because I want to give back to the young adults that are in it, and tell them my life story of how it was in Foster Care and Aspiranet. I feel it is time to tell our story and let the next young adults know how it was and let them know that there is always something for them.


Age: 20 Years Old

Hobbies: Reading, swimming and hanging out with friends.

At age 5 I jumped from Foster Home to Foster Home with my younger sister until my grandmother got us. I was bullied at school, but no one believed me when I told them, I turned into a bully as a way to fight back which got me in a lot of trouble. I was not motivated did not get to graduate with my high school class.

I went back to school, graduated and I have a job that I love doing security. I have my own apartment and I am still growing. Aspiranet gave me the skills and helped guide me to be independent by holding me to a certain standard with expectations, not just giving hand outs.

My fairy tale would be to travel and to one day have my own farm with a husband and kids. I want to inspire others, to let them know their past does not have to define them. They can be anything they want to be.




I lived with my grandfather until I was 8 when he passed away, I then moved in with my mom and her boyfriend for about a year but CPS took me and my half brother and sister away and was put in a group home.  Two years later I went into Foster Care where I got into a lot of trouble with some of the other kids there. Wanted to fit in and look cool. I was moved to another Foster Family that I was with for about 7 years. When I graduated High School, I got a job and was introduced to Aspiranet.

At age 21 I started Truck Driving and now am in the Aspiranet program, have housing while I work on my career plans of becoming a probation officer.